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Meet Lucress Home - About
From your Empowerment & Relationship Coach aka The Happy Mindset Surgeon™

God governs my life and has revealed many life lessons. There are six that have stuck with me and are the pillars of my success:

1. If you plan it, then it will happen

2. You’ll regret it if you don’t at least give it your best shot.

3. You’ll get it done quicker if you stop complaining.

4. Use fear as your compass and you’ll get to your destination.

5. Meet people where they are but don’t live there with them.

6. Your success is right on the other side of being fed up!

These are the pillars that are the foundation of my coaching and have enabled me to develop customized strategies for women to reach their life and relationship goals.

Lucress Irizarry MSHI, RHIA, CHPS



I became an Empowerment and Relationship Coach because I wanted women like you to know how to overcome any obstacle
by tapping into their power to change their mindset. This is something that I mastered because I had to go through many hardships like joblessness, impending foreclosure on my home, illness, caring for sick family members, on the verge of divorce and so much more all while being a wife, mother and entrepreneur. I started a non-profit organization to help families in need because at one point my family was in need. I thought that I was just going to provide for basic needs. However, something miraculous happened! After building trust with the women in the families, they felt comfortable enough to talk about their hardships in life and the effect on their relationships.
I discovered that the real need was a change in their mindset and application of practical steps to help them move from their overwhelming situation to their overjoyed future.
I was fully equipped to help them achieve this because I successfully navigated difficult life situations and saved a failing marriage that involved arguing every day, me jumping on my husband’s back and talk of a divorce!!
I cleaned up my thoughts, behaviors and communication in my marriage to create peace in my home and my life.
I combined my corporate administrative experience, educational experience and fitness experience (which led to completing a marathon) to get the peaceful result that I desired. I started teaching women in relationships how they can do the same. After applying the strategies that I created, it resulted in their life and relationships improving too! Coaching married women and women in committed relationships was a natural progression. Women would flock to me and ask me advice about relationships. I even had a stranger on a train during my commute tell me that they had an STD and asked my advice on how to share this information with their mate!! I kept falling deeper into coaching so much that I decided to write my book, “Getting On My Last Nerve! 6 PEACE PLAN Strategies to Stop Arguing and Stay Married.” I wrote this book to help women who just want peace and harmony in their relationship and in their home. They want to stop arguing and feeling like every disagreement will lead to a break up or a divorce. This inspired me to go all in with coaching and empowering women. I realized that many women need help. The proof is in the statistic that states that 50% of marriage in the U.S. end in divorce. I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other married women and women in committed relationships to learn how to communicate a disagreement and still fell loved afterwards. I worked with many private clients for over a decade. I lived my dream of having peace in my home through loving communication with my husband; and I created Your PEACE PLAN Empowerment System™, a series of 12 strategies every married woman needs to overcome overwhelm, stop arguing and stay married.