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Check Your Love!™ Course


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DON’T BREAK UP! FIX your relationship with the Check Your Love!™ Course.

What if there was a way for you to know exactly what to do and say to increase the love and connection in your relationship


if you had strategies that you could use to get reconnected in your relationship and maintain that connection


if you had a way to communicate that prevented you from getting into an argument


if you had a specific tool to increase the intimacy in your relationship to the extent that it felt like you were in the honeymoon phase again


having a strategy that will increase compassion which will increase the respect and appreciation in your relationship.

That’s exactly why I created the Check Your Love!™ Course to help you fix the lack of communication, disrespect, and feeling invisible your relationship.

With the Check Your Love Course there’s no need for feeling disconnected and unloved anymore. You are going to learn how to create a foundation for a strong, loving relationship bond with strategies that will anchor you in your happily ever in after in 5 days.

This is a program that will help you to fix your relationship in 5 days by showing you how to:

💕 Communicate in a way that will immediately focus your partner’s attention on you

💕 Stop arguing

💕Get more respect and feel valued

💕Increase your intimacy

💕Identify and realign mismatched perceptions

💕Expose the truth

💕Increase compassion and connection

Let’s turn those possibilities into realities with the Check Your Love!™ Course.


  1. 5-Day Guided Tutorial to show you how to get quick wins
  2. Vision Plan to create an exciting shared relationship destination
  3. Mouth Monitor to use the power of your words to make your partner stay in love
  4. Heart Assessment to share truth and deepen trust
  5. Libido Checklist is a hot way to identify and communicate sexual needs
  6. Intimacy Tracker to rev up your romance!
  7. Libido Health Resource to eliminate anything that may hinder sexual intimacy
  8. Security Survey to increase feelings of protection
  9. Value Assessment to increase the feeling of appreciation
  10. Autonomy Assessment to identify areas that need less control and more freedom
  11. Connectivity to solidify the bond in your relationship


1. Re-igniting the Passion (By Example) e-book to glean wisdom from real life relationship examples

  1. Reconnection Plan to re-establish and stregnthen your relationship bond

Give your relationship the quick fix it needs for connection, everlasting love and happily ever after.